2023 Total Solar Eclipse and Ring of Fire

A total solar eclipse and a ‘ring of fire’ make the eclipse season of 2023 unique!

In North America, a 'ring of fire' will occur after a 'hybrid' eclipse, which is an extremely rare astronomical event. If you have ever seen... Details
NuSTAR Telescope Explores Unseen Light Shows on the Sun!

NASA’s NuSTAR Telescope Explores Unseen Light Shows on the Sun!

The X-ray vision of the NuSTAR Telescope reveals some of the most burning regions in the Sun’s atmosphere. Human eyes cannot see all of the... Details
The JWST found a smallest asteroid

The James Webb Space Telescope by chance discovered a small asteroid!

The massive asteroid is the size of the Washington Monument. This demonstrates the power of the powerful telescope in discovering celestial objects even in our... Details
Astronomers search for new type of gravitational waves

Astronomers embark on a journey to uncover new gravitational waves!

Astronomers are getting closer to identifying sources of continuous gravitational waves. This is all thanks to analyses of Scorpius X-2, a neutron star accreting matter... Details
Hubble’s New View of the Tarantula Nebula

Hubble Captures Spectacular Tarantula Nebula Image!

This picture taken by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope shows the Tarantula Nebula, also known as 30 Doradus. This is a massive region of ionized... Details
Second Planet Found Orbiting Two Stars by Astronomers

Astronomers have detected a Second Planet Orbiting Two Stars!

Planets in binary star systems face a difficult situation. The gravitational pulls of two separate stars have been overcome by them. Planet formation around a... Details
Astronomers find first colliding twin stars in kilonova explosion

Astronomers have found the first twin stars to collide in a kilonova explosion!

Astronomers find first colliding twin stars in a kilonova explosion. Most of the time when there are spectacular explosions big stars die, however, some stars... Details
Exoplanets dance around stunning distant star

Earth-like Planets dance around distant stars in a stunning 12-year timelapse!

In a stunning new timelapse collected over a dozen years, four Jupiter-mass exoplanets dance around their distant star. Where is HR 8799? HR8799 is located... Details
JWST Recovers from 2nd Instrument Glitch - Sky Headlines

The James Webb Space Telescope has recovered from a second instrument glitch!

NASA's $10 billion James Webb space telescope is now back in operation! After recovering from the 2nd Instrument Glitch that affected one of its instruments,... Details

Have the Images taken by James Webb contradicted the Big Bang theory?

James Webb Space Telescope has delivered some amazing images and this is before even this space telescope finished with its first full year of observations.... Details