Moon Exploration

NASA Invites Humanity to Join the Artemis Mission Series and Explore the Space!

Have you ever dreamed of walking on the Moon or exploring the mysteries of space? NASA's Artemis mission is a program that will make those... Details
Space Shuttle Challenger disaster

Challenger disaster: The tragic event that changed space exploration forever

On January 28, 1986, a catastrophic event occurred that shocked the world and forever changed the future of space exploration. At 11:39:13 EST (16:39:13 UTC),... Details
CO2 emissions by country tracked

CO2 emissions by country tracked by NASA’s OCO-2 satellite

Researchers used satellite measurements to determine CO2 emissions by country and carbon uptake at the national level. Using a NASA satellite that looks at Earth,... Details
Gaia Mission Exploring the Milky Way

Exploring the Mysteries of the Milky Way with the Gaia Mission

The Milky Way has been a subject of fascination and wonder for humans for decades. This magnificent spiral galaxy is our home in the universe... Details
Curiosity Rover finds Mars' watery past clues

Curiosity Rover finds Mars’ watery past clues!

Spotting rippled rock textures on Mars means something big! There is a possibility that lakes do exist in an area of ancient Mars. Scientists thought... Details
Mission Space: Orange vs Green - Which thrill at Epcot is right for you?

Mission Space: Orange vs Green – Choosing the Right Thrill at Disney World’s Epcot

Mission Space: Orange vs Green! Have you ever wondered, what it is like to be an astronaut? Are you of space adventure and travel? Then... Details
Curiosity Rover Discovers Metallic Meteorite on Mars

Curiosity Rover Spots a metallic meteorite on Mars

Cacao, an iron-nickel space rock, is about 1 foot (0.3 meters) wide. Another metallic meteorite on Mars has been discovered by NASA's Curiosity rover. On... Details
Spacewalkers Upgrade Station Power: Construction Complete

Spacewalkers Complete Construction of a mountain platform to Upgrade Station Power!

After six hours and 41 minutes, both astronauts Nicole Mann and Koichi Wakata concluded their spacewalk. Nicole Mann is an astronaut at NASA. And Koichi... Details
NASA's Perseverance Rover Completes Mars Sample Depot

NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover Perfectly Completes Sample Depot on Another Planet!

After it began the construction of the first mars sample depot took less than six weeks to complete its mission. At Southern California in NASA's... Details

NASA’s Juno Team Accessed the Images from JunoCam On the 48th Flyby of Jupiter!

Picture taken by the solar-powered orbiter’s JunoCam but not obtained engineering data are being evaluated again. The JunoCam imager aboard NASA’s Juno spacecraft did not... Details