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    SpaceX’s Falcon 9 Launch Swedish Satellite Ovzon-3 At Cape on Jan, 03

    Introduction: A Historic Beginning to 2024 The year 2024 commenced on an exhilarating note for the space industry, echoing the momentum of 2023. The launch of the Ovzon-3 satellite, the first privately-funded Swedish satellite, aboard SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket, on January 3, 2024, marked a significant leap in space technology and global communication. This event, […]

    Picture of Earth Captured by MTG-I1 Satellite, Enhances Weather Insights

    A new European weather satellite MTG-I1 has taken a high-quality picture of Earth. The image shows our planet looking beautiful, but with lots of clouds that could mean bad weather. When was the new weather satellite MTG-I1 launched and what is its purpose? On December 12, 2022, Europe’s meteorological satellite agency, EUMETSAT, and the European […]

    Risk of ‘low’, Old NASA RHESSI satellite falling to earth

    RHESSI satellite has a total mass of 270 kg but will disintegrate into gas and ash during impact. Experts predict that in the following days, a NASA spacecraft that is no longer operational will begin its uncontrolled descent to Earth. According to their calculations, the US military expects the RHESSI satellite, which monitored the sun […]

    How Communications Satellites are Revolutionizing Global Connectivity?

    Introduction In our modern, interconnected world, communication is more vital than ever. Orbital relay stations play an indispensable role in transmitting television signals, facilitating international phone calls, and enabling GPS systems. Often orbiting hundreds or thousands of kilometers above Earth, these Satellite communication systems form a hidden but critical infrastructure that impacts almost every aspect […]

    Sun-watching Proba-3 formation flyers tested for take-off

    Proba-3 is made up of two satellites that launched together into orbit for a single mission. What will Proba-3 Flyers Observe? The pair will fly in precise formation relative to one another to cast a sustained shadow. This shadow will be from the disk-faced ‘Occulter spacecraft to the ‘Coronagraph spacecraft. Due to this, it will […]

    6 exciting space missions set to launch in 2024

    As we launch into 2024, the stellar accomplishments of the previous year still glimmer in our collective memory. Recall the daring of NASA’s OSIRIS-REx, which gracefully pirouetted with an asteroid, returning with celestial treasures? Or India’s Chandrayaan-3, which shed light on the enigmatic lunar south pole? These feats were just the beginning. The space missions […]

    ‘Shooting stars’ seen raining down on the sun for the First time

    Astronomers have seen meteor-like streaks, the shooting stars on the sun’s surface that have never been seen before. However, it would help if you didn’t try to catch these falling stars. What was the scientist’s perspective on the discovery of shooting stars? “If humans were aliens who could live on the sun’s surface, we would […]

    Observe Gas Giant Jupiter Occulting the Moon on the Morning of May 17

    On May 17, the gas giant Jupiter and its four brilliant Galilean moons will pass behind a very thin crescent moon early in the morning. The moon and Jupiter will put on a stunning show in the early morning skies of tomorrow. When will the occultation of gas giant Jupiter and its moons occur? On […]

    Bright Galaxy with Black Hole Seen in Chandra and IXPE Photos by NASA

    Bright galaxy Centaurus A (Cen A) stands out prominently in this composite image from several different telescopes. A supermassive black hole consumes matter from the surrounding gas and dust and shoots out enormous jets of high-energy particles and other matter. About 13,000 light-years away from the black hole is where the jet shown in the […]

    Space debris: A growing threat to our planet and space

    Space debris is a growing concern for the space industry and the safety of our planet. As we continue to rely more on satellites for communication, navigation, and scientific research, the accumulation of debris in Earth’s orbit poses a serious threat to our space infrastructure. It’s estimated that there are over 100 million pieces of […]