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    Perseverance Rover Snaps Images of Belva Crater on Mars

    During its most recent science campaign, the six-wheeled scientist came across the crater while looking for rock samples that could be transported back to Earth for further investigation. The Mastcam-Z instrument on NASA’s Perseverance rover recently took 152 photos while exploring Belva Crater, a large impact crater within the much larger Jezero Crater. The data, […]

    Perseverance Rover’s “Pet Rock” Departs After Year on Mars

    After spending more than a year together on Mars, NASA’s Perseverance rover and its traveling “pet rock” have finally parted ways. Despite many strenuous attempts to remove it, the rock had lodged in the rover’s front left wheel on its 341st Martian day and accompanied it for more than half of its stay on the […]

    Perseverance Rover: The Quest to Search for Life on Mars!

    Does it seem like we’re the only living beings in the universe? This is a topic that has captivated us for centuries. The Perseverance rover, developed by NASA, has brought us one step closer to figuring it out. The Perseverance spacecraft was scheduled to launch in July 2020 to find evidence of past Martian life, […]

    River in Mars is Helping NASA’s Perseverance Rover

    River in Mars carried chunks of rocks from somewhere. It happened because NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover drilled this sample action. If you are interested in knowing more about the rocks, and how the river has drilled this action, then continue reading. What discoveries did NASA’s Perseverance rover make with River in Mars? On June 23 […]

    NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover Perfectly Completes Sample Depot on Another Planet!

    After it began the construction of the first mars sample depot took less than six weeks to complete its mission. At Southern California in NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the mission controllers received confirmation that the Perseverance Mars rover successfully dropped the 10th and final tube planned for the depot around 5 p.m. PST (8 p.m. […]

    Curiosity rover discovers water-carved ‘book’ rock on Mars

    Following its groundbreaking cloud-imaging mission last month, NASA’s Curiosity rover continues to astound scientists with captivating observations, including the recent discovery of a hardcover-shaped feature on April 15, marking the mission’s 3,800th Martian day (or sol). Geologists, akin to meticulous librarians, carefully examine the evidence surrounding them to unravel the mysteries of Mars‘ past. NASA […]

    Ingenuity Helicopter, LEGO Model of Mars Rover

    News: In a truly remarkable collaboration between LEGO and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), an awe-inspiring STEM-inspired building set has been crafted, igniting the curiosity and passion for engineering and space exploration among children. This captivating creation, the Ingenuity helicopter aims to captivate young minds and spark their interest in the universe’s wonders. Based on […]

    What will Three Mini Rovers of NASA Explore on the Moon?

    NASA plans to send a group of three mini rovers to the Moon. That is aiming to assess their ability to work together. And not only this, but they also possess the ability to have direct control without the involvement of any humans as controllers on Earth.   Will Robots Overtake the Process of Autonomous […]

    Light on Mars- Seen by the NASA’s Rover

    NASA Perseverance rover sees the Light on Mars. Let’s uncover some of the important knowledge about this discovery, and see how it does it looks like? Perseverance Rover’s SHERLOC & Light on Mars In a recent study, a cutting-edge tool called SHERLOC—which looks for compounds perhaps connected to ancient life—played a crucial role. Thanks to […]

    Curiosity Rover Spots a metallic meteorite on Mars

    Cacao, an iron-nickel space rock, is about 1 foot (0.3 meters) wide. Another metallic meteorite on Mars has been discovered by NASA’s Curiosity rover. On February 2, Curiosity team members on Tweets. The team describes the structure meteorite and announced its name in the tweet. According to the tweet Cacao is about 1 foot (0.3 […]