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    Japan’s Space One Rocket Explodes After Launch

    Space One Rocket: Japan’s Rising Star The dream of a private Japanese space industry took a significant leap forward with the introduction of Space One and its dedicated launch vehicle, the Kairos rocket. Aiming to revolutionize satellite launches with lower costs and higher frequencies, Space One captured the imagination of space enthusiasts worldwide. However, their […]

    How Blue Origin’s New Glenn Rocket is Redefining Space Travel

    Blue Origin New Glenn: A Giant Leap in Commercial Space Exploration In the realm of commercial spaceflight, few names have captured the imagination like Blue Origin, founded by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. The aerospace company’s New Glenn rocket represents a monumental step in the industry, combining innovation, ambition, and a vision for human expansion into space. […]

    TRAPPIST-1 c, the Rocky Exoplanet’s Atmosphere

    TRAPPIST-1 c Atmosphere’s Analysis A team of scientists from around the world used NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope to calculate the amount of heat energy emitted by TRAPPIST-1 c, a rocky exoplanet. The findings indicate that, if there is indeed an atmosphere, it is remarkably tenuous. TRAPPIST-1 c, with a dayside temperature of approximately 380 […]

    ULA Conducts 1st Test-Fire of New Vulcan Centaur Rocket

    News: The Vulcan Centaur launch schedule proceeded with the necessary test. The next-generation Vulcan Centaur rocket from United Launch Alliance (ULA) recently made a significant advancement toward its initial launch. If you are wondering what is the Vulcan Centaur’s launch date, then it is recently launched on the evening of June 7. As we all know […]

    Curiosity rover discovers water-carved ‘book’ rock on Mars

    Following its groundbreaking cloud-imaging mission last month, NASA’s Curiosity rover continues to astound scientists with captivating observations, including the recent discovery of a hardcover-shaped feature on April 15, marking the mission’s 3,800th Martian day (or sol). Geologists, akin to meticulous librarians, carefully examine the evidence surrounding them to unravel the mysteries of Mars‘ past. NASA […]

    Falcon Heavy Rocket Launch on April 30 After Previous Aborted Attempt!

    Late on Friday (April 28), a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket with three satellites failed its attempt to launch. SpaceX called off the launch of its heavy-lift Falcon Heavy rocket at 8:26 p.m. EDT (00:26 GMT) from Pad 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Although the rocket’s 27 first-stage engines—nine on each of its […]

    Perseverance Rover’s “Pet Rock” Departs After Year on Mars

    After spending more than a year together on Mars, NASA’s Perseverance rover and its traveling “pet rock” have finally parted ways. Despite many strenuous attempts to remove it, the rock had lodged in the rover’s front left wheel on its 341st Martian day and accompanied it for more than half of its stay on the […]

    SpaceX’s Largest Rocket Explodes in Test Flight

    In a major test flight of SpaceX largest rocket, the massive Starship took off from a launch pad in southern Texas today. However, the rocket exploded before reaching space and cut short the flight. In a recent launch attempt, Starship and its booster successfully lifted off from the launch pad and ascended to a height […]

    Rocky Planets- How Webb has Detected Water Vapors?

    The inner disc of the system PDS 70, rocky planets has been found with water vapours. And it is discovered by the Webb telescope. This is located 370 lightyears away. If you want to read more about this discovery, and its impact on further scientific studies, then this blog post is intended for you. But, […]

    Space X Starship: Beyond rockets to collective imagination

    Introduction Space exploration has long captivated our collective imagination, having profound impacts that go beyond the realms of science to touch upon socio-cultural and political aspects of human life. Among the technologies at the forefront of this new age of exploration, SpaceX’s Starship holds a pivotal role. The Space X Starship project brings with it […]