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Mission Space: Orange vs Green

Mission Space: Orange vs Green – Choosing the Right Thrill at Disney World’s Epcot

Mission Space: Orange vs Green!

Have you ever wondered, what it is like to be an astronaut? Are you of space adventure and travel? Then “Mission: Space – EPCOT at Walt Disney World” is what you should be enjoying right now! Mission: Space Orange vs Green appears to be just another thrilling ride at EPCOT.

Epcot is a theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake, Florida.

If you have never listened to it, No worries! You will get to know each and everything about “Mission: SPACE” in this blog. We will be further discussing the two thrilling rides Orange and Green as well. So let’s dig in!

Mission Space!

Mission: Space Orange vs Green is designed to give visitors a realistic experience of what it would be like to travel into space. This ride is unique and wonderful. In order to make this fun ride even more realistic effects such as wind, shaking chairs, as well as centrifugal forces that simulate the g-forces of launch and landing is added to the ride.

At the International Space Training Center, you’ll be onboard the X-2 Deep Space Shuttle (ISTC). The ride lasts for about 4 minutes. But before you get started, First, make a crew! Four cadets have to collaborate together on the space shuttle. Each of your four cadets will play an important role: navigator, pilot, commander, or engineer. Cadets will be instructed to initiate a mission-critical sequence during their flight.

What you may not know is that there are two versions of “Mission Space,”. There are two versions of this thrilling ride. One of which is Orange and the other one is Green. So, what’s the difference between these two experiences? Why is it called Mission Space: Orange vs Green and which should you choose?

What is Mission Space: Orange vs Green?

Mission Space: Orange vs Green, two thrilling rides at Walt Disney World Resort’s Epcot Center, have captivated guests since they first opened their doors. But what distinguishes each ride? Let’s take a closer look.

Mission Space Orange

Mission Orange is a more extreme version of the ride, and it’s designed to be an intense, immersive experience. The orange team is tasked with flying the spacecraft, and riders feel the full force of the liftoff and other physical sensations. This version is recommended for thrill-seekers who love intense experiences and are not sensitive to motion sickness. Space explorers of about 44” and taller are onboard for this mission.

Mission Space Green

Mission Green is a less intense version of the ride, designed for younger children and those who may be sensitive to motion sickness. The green team is tasked with conducting various scientific experiments on the spacecraft, and the physical sensations are much milder. This version is recommended for families with young children or those who are prone to motion sickness. However, the Green mission offers astronauts 40” and taller.

So which one should you choose?

You can choose either Orange or Green. It completely depends on your personal preferences and tolerance for intense experiences. The Orange version of the ride is an intense and thrilling experience that simulates a journey to Mars. Mission Space Orange is definitely the way to go if you love intense, thrilling rides.

However, If you’re prone to motion sickness or you’re traveling with young children, Mission Space Green is a great option that still offers a fun, space-themed experience without intense physical sensations. The Green version is a milder, yet still exciting, experience designed for families with younger children or those who prefer a gentler ride.

Both rides offer a unique experience that you will never forget.

Bottom line!

Lastly, If you’re a fan of theme parks with space themes, you must visit Mission Space at Epcot in Disney World. This famous ride simulates a space mission to Mars, complete with the sensation of liftoff and weightlessness. Mission Space: Orange vs Green is a unique and exciting experience with distinct intensity levels. No matter which version you choose, you’re sure to have a blast as you explore the wonders of space.

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