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    Spiral Arms of a Star- An Exoplanet is a Cosmic Sculptor

    Scientists have made an extraordinary observation by uncovering a giant exoplanet’s captivating spiral arms within its host star’s gaseous and dusty confines. Does it sound intriguing? Yes, it is! Our galaxy unfolds many crisp theories every day that paved the way for scientific theories and inventions. An Enigmatic Giant Planet MWC 758c Sculpting the Reddest […]

    NASA’s Artemis Base Camp: Innovative Technology and Key Elements for Lunar Exploration

    Exploring the moon has always been a topic of fascination for scientists, researchers, and space enthusiasts. NASA’s Artemis program aims to take this fascination to the next level by landing the first woman and next man on the lunar South Pole in 2024. But that’s not all. The program also aims to establish sustainable exploration […]

    NASA Invites Humanity to Join the Artemis Mission Series and Explore the Space!

    Have you ever dreamed of walking on the Moon or exploring the mysteries of space? NASA’s Artemis mission is a program that will make those dreams a reality. The Artemis program aims to land humans on the Moon, establish a long-term presence on and around the Moon, and eventually send astronauts to Mars. But the […]

    Experts Praise Success DART Mission for Planetary Defense Technology

    The universe is full of mysteries, and one of the biggest is whether or not an asteroid could hit Earth in a way that would be very terrible. It’s hard to imagine the severity of the damage and lives that could be lost in such a tragedy. But what if there were some way to […]

    Challenger disaster: The tragic event that changed space exploration forever

    On January 28, 1986, a catastrophic event occurred that shocked the world and forever changed the future of space exploration. At 11:39:13 EST (16:39:13 UTC), the Space Shuttle Challenger, with its crew of seven aboard, broke apart just 73 seconds into its flight, losing all crew members. The Challenger disaster occurred off the coast of […]

    The Great Red Spot of Jupiter, a Strange Typhoon on the Gas Giant!

    Jupiter, the fifth planet from the sun and the largest planet in our solar system, is known for its stunning stripes and swirls that are visible through telescopes. Jupiter is an amazing planet with lots of cool things to see, like its moons, rings, and a giant storm called the Great Red Spot. This massive […]

    Spacewalkers Complete Construction of a mountain platform to Upgrade Station Power!

    After six hours and 41 minutes, both astronauts Nicole Mann and Koichi Wakata concluded their spacewalkers. Nicole Mann is an astronaut at NASA. And Koichi Wakata is an astronaut at Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). Mann and Wakata were able to finish the construction of a mountain platform to upgrade Station Power. What is the […]

    Rolls-Royce reveals early-stage design for space nuclear reactor!

    Rolls-Royce (A British motor car company) is collaborating with the UK space agency for nuclear power and propulsion options in spaceflight. Rolls-Royce has also announced a new image that shows a new possible version of a space nuclear reactor. How is the new reactor system going to help in Mars Missions? Nuclear fission systems, vital […]

    NASA’s Juno Team Accessed the Images from JunoCam On the 48th Flyby of Jupiter!

    Picture taken by the solar-powered orbiter’s JunoCam but not obtained engineering data are being evaluated again. The JunoCam imager aboard NASA’s Juno spacecraft did not acquire all planned images during the orbiter’s most recent flyby of Jupiter on Jan. 22. On Juno’s most recent flyby on Jan. 22 of Jupiter, NASA’s Juno spacecraft didn’t forward […]

    NASA and DARPA joined forces To experiment with Nuclear engines for Future Mars Missions!

    The NASA and DARPA agreed to work together to demonstrate a nuclear thermal rocket engine in space on Tuesday, which will help the NASA crew in the research mission of Mars. Both parties will agree on the Demonstration Rocket for Agile Cislunar Operations, or DRACO, program. This will help both parties speed up their development […]