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    NASA Seeks Lunar Terrain Vehicle Services for Artemis Missions

    To investigate the south polar region of the Moon during Artemis missions, NASA is looking for industry proposals for a next-generation LTV (Lunar Terrain Vehicle). This LTV will enable humans to travel further and carry out more science than ever before. The Artemis crew will use the LTV to explore and sample more of the […]

    Spherical Robots for Rescue Operations Created by NASA

    Dr. Alice Agogino was working on spherical robots that could one day be dropped onto Mars or the Moon to collect data and conduct the study when she discovered her NASA-funded technology could also be used on Earth. What kind of data can the robots collect on Mars or the Moon? After reading a study […]

    NASA Selects Blue Origin as Second Artemis Lunar Lander Provider

    NASA has chosen Blue Origin from Kent, Washington to create a human landing system for their Artemis V mission to the Moon. NASA’s Artemis mission is going to explore more of the Moon than ever before! This will help us discover new things about the Moon and prepare for future missions to Mars. What role […]

    Snake-Like Robot by NASA is on a task to find life on a moon

    JPL has developed a new Snake-Like robot called Snake-Like EELS that can move like a snake. This robot is designed to explore new terrain and environments. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is testing a robot that can explore challenging terrain on its own. The robot can map and move around different areas without any help. How […]

    Ingenuity Helicopter by NASA captures glorious view of Mars

    NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter has been making waves on Mars with its successful flights and groundbreaking images. The helicopter’s recent accomplishment involved ascending 40 feet above the Martian terrain and taking a stunning view of an alien landscape. Let’s take a closer look at the details that were revealed in this magnificent image. The View from […]

    Lucy Mission: First Spacecraft to Explore Jupiter’s Trojan Asteroids

    NASA’s Lucy mission marks a new era in space exploration, as it is the first spacecraft launched with the specific aim of exploring the Trojan asteroids. These asteroids are a population of primitive celestial bodies that share Jupiter’s orbit, making them unique targets for scientific study. However, the spacecraft is set to embark on a […]

    Risk of ‘low’, Old NASA RHESSI satellite falling to earth

    RHESSI satellite has a total mass of 270 kg but will disintegrate into gas and ash during impact. Experts predict that in the following days, a NASA spacecraft that is no longer operational will begin its uncontrolled descent to Earth. According to their calculations, the US military expects the RHESSI satellite, which monitored the sun […]

    Uranus Rings and Moons Captured by NASA’s JWST

    The NASA James Webb Space Telescope captured a stunning image on Feb. 6, 2023, of Uranus, an ice-giant planet, revealing its bright cloud and faint extended features beyond the polar cap. “Icy” materials make up the planet, which has 13 known rings and 27 known moons. The image shows 11 visible rings and the wide-view […]

    ESA Hera Mission: Measuring the Impact of NASA’s DART on Dimorphos

    The European Space Agency (ESA) has announced its upcoming Hera mission. The mission aims to follow up on the success of NASA’s DART mission. On September 26, 2022, the NASA DART team changed the orbit of an asteroid named Dimorphos. They did this using the DART spacecraft through a kinetic impact. This marked a significant […]

    Dawn spacecraft revealed groundbreaking findings on early solar system

    The Dawn spacecraft was a groundbreaking mission launched by NASA in 2007 to explore the early days of our solar system by studying two of the largest objects in the asteroid belt – Vesta and Ceres. This $500 million spacecraft equips ion propulsion technology. This allows it to achieve impressive acceleration and make a significant […]