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    Observe Gas Giant Jupiter Occulting the Moon on the Morning of May 17

    On May 17, the gas giant Jupiter and its four brilliant Galilean moons will pass behind a very thin crescent moon early in the morning. The moon and Jupiter will put on a stunning show in the early morning skies of tomorrow. When will the occultation of gas giant Jupiter and its moons occur? On […]

    Io, Jupiter’s Volcanic Moon, Set for Historic Close Encounter with NASA’s Juno Spacecraft

    Jupiter’s Volcanic Moon Io, is set for a historic close encounter with NASA’s Juno Spacecraft. The orbiter designed to study gas giants has traveled more than 510 million miles and has observed three of Jupiter’s four largest moons up close. When is NASA’s Juno spacecraft scheduled to pass by Io and Jupiter? On Tuesday, May […]

    Snake-Like Robot by NASA is on a task to find life on a moon

    JPL has developed a new Snake-Like robot called Snake-Like EELS that can move like a snake. This robot is designed to explore new terrain and environments. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is testing a robot that can explore challenging terrain on its own. The robot can map and move around different areas without any help. How […]

    Four of the Largest Uranus Moons May have Oceans

    NASA scientists have looked at data from Voyager spacecraft and used computer modeling to find out that four of Uranus’ biggest moons may have oceans between their icy crusts and cores. This study is the first to explain how the insides of all five big moons – Ariel, Umbriel, Titania, Oberon, and Miranda – have […]

    Moon’s inner core is a solid ball of iron, say scientists

    Scientists have used earthquake data to discover that the Moon’s inner core is a solid ball with the same density as iron. The finding settled the controversy over whether the Moon’s inner core is solid or liquid and may help explain its history and the Solar System. Astronomer Arthur Briaud and his team from the […]

    Uranus Rings and Moons Captured by NASA’s JWST

    The NASA James Webb Space Telescope captured a stunning image on Feb. 6, 2023, of Uranus, an ice-giant planet, revealing its bright cloud and faint extended features beyond the polar cap. “Icy” materials make up the planet, which has 13 known rings and 27 known moons. The image shows 11 visible rings and the wide-view […]

    ESA’s Juice Mission to Study Jupiter’s 3 Icy Moons!

    The “Juice mission” (Jupiter Icy moons Explorer) is an exciting and ambitious project by the European Space Agency (ESA) to explore Jupiter and its three icy moons – Ganymede, Europa, and Callisto – in depth. With a launch date set for April 13, 2023, the mission aims to explore these moons and gain insights into […]

    Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer, a Mystrey being solved

    Before launch, the stakes were tremendous. Airbus designed Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer (Juice) to study Jupiter’s icy moons. What is the significance of RIME in the JUICE inquiry? Jupiter Icy Moon’s Explorer (RIME) antenna, one of eleven research equipment, is crucial to that inquiry. RIME will remotely study Jupiter’s ice moons’ sub-surfaces. Its radar waves […]

    Seven Sisters Star Cluster – Jupiter Shines Near the Moon

    Guys, you all have to stay up late to view the serene view of the seven sisters Star cluster. This is the view with which Jupiter also shines near the moon. Let’s keep hovering. How can you see this impressive view? Let’s know more about this spectacular view! Celestial Spectacle: Moon Meets Pleiades and Jupiter […]

    Why Russia’s Luna-25 Robotic Moon Mission Crashed?

    Introduction: The High Hopes for Luna-25 The Luna-25 mission was highly anticipated as Russia’s comeback to lunar exploration after almost 50 years of hiatus. This mission was designed to symbolize Russia’s re-entry into the realm of space exploration, particularly targeting the moon. However, the events that unfolded tell a different story. Luna-25 failed to accomplish […]