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    Solar Storm and Advancement with AI: Exploring the Dark Side of the Sun

    Have you ever heard of a solar storm? These fascinating and dangerous phenomena occur when the Sun releases a burst of energy in the form of charged particles and electromagnetic radiation into space, which can cause geomagnetic storms on Earth. However, if you are wondering what would happen if a solar storm were to hit […]

    NASA Engineers Help Create A Virtual World

    News: NASA has been at the forefront of developing technology of virtual reality on space for almost as long as it has been a concept. The Virtual world on space has experienced a revival since the clunky headsets of the 1990s. Currently, several well-known businesses employ VR for virtual chat rooms and immersive video games, […]

    How does AI help NASA in space exploration?

    Isn’t it interesting that AI in space exploration is making incredible milestones day after day? When humans look up to the night sky, they often get stunned by its spaciousness and curiosity. Even in today’s world, that sense of curiosity continues. But, thanks to modern technology, and artificial intelligence. They have emerged as a powerful […]

    BepiColombo Spacecraft Third Mercury Flyby Movie

    News: Watch Mercury come out of the shadows as the ESA/JAXA BepiColombo spacecraft flew by the planet’s nightside on June 19, 2023, and enjoy a special flyover of geologically rich scenery and a bonus 3D scene. In the first part of the movie, which is made up of 217 pictures taken by BepiColombo Spacecraft’s monitoring […]