Third Encounter with Mercury

ESA/JAXA's BepiColombo Mission Gears up for its Close Flyby of Mercury, Capturing Stunning Images and Using Gravity Assists to Navigate the Challenging Journey.

BepiColombo Mission Prepares for a Close Flyby of Mercury, Reaching Just 236 km Above the Planet's Surface.

Flybys and Solar Electric Propulsion Operations Help BepiColombo Combat the Sun's Gravitational Pull.

Closest Approach to Mercury will Occur on June 19, Capturing Exciting Views of the Planet's Surface.

Mercury's Gravity Assists BepiColombo's Journey Through the Inner Solar System and Fine-Tunes its Instruments.

BepiColombo Mission Utilizes Nine Flybys, Including Earth, Venus, and Mercury, to Enter Orbit Around Mercury.

Challenging Thrust Arcs are Employed to Counter the Sun's Gravitational Pull During BepiColombo's Journey.

Gravity-Assisted Flybys offer Fuel-Efficient Direction Changes but Pose Significant Challenges.

Precise Maneuvering and Adjustments Ensure BepiColombo's Safe Passage and Correct Trajectory.

Instruments Collect Samples during Flybys, Providing a Glimpse into the Mission's Scientific Objectives.

BepiColombo will Split into Two Orbiters Upon Arrival at Mercury, Capturing Real Images of the Planet's Surface.

BepiColombo's Journey and Exciting Space Missions.

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