Celestial Spectacle: 

Moon, Pleiades, and Jupiter's Encounter

Moon Meets Pleiades and Jupiter in a Celestial Spectacle. Witness the Majestic Encounter of Stars in the Early Morning Sky.

Moon and Pleiades Meet in the Early Morning Sky, Creating a Celestial Spectacle with Jupiter.

Jupiter and Aldebaran Join the Moon and Pleiades in the Stunning Sky Event.

New York City Observers can Witness the Rise of Jupiter and Pleiades Around 1:30 a.m. ET.

The Moon Will Be in its Fading Crescent Phase During the Meeting with the Pleiades.

The Pleiades, named After Greek Mythology's Daughters of Atlas, move Together as a Star Cluster.

Aldebaran, the "Eye of the Bull," is a Prominent Star Close to the Moon and the Pleiades.

Aldebaran's Name Means "The Follower" as it Follows the Pleiades Over the Northern Horizon.

The Pleiades Cluster Contains Over 1,000 Stars, with Some Visible to the Naked Eye.

Observers Can See Up to Six Stars in the Pleiades Cluster without a Telescope, and some Claim to See Even More.

The Pleiades Cluster, Located in Taurus, is Estimated to Survive for Another 250 Million Years.

Celestial Spectacle and Exciting Space Discoveries.

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