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How Big is the Solar System?

Explore Solar System Wonders: The Sun's Colossal Size, Planet Distances in Light Minutes, Alignment Spectacles, And More Mind-Bending Facts!

The Sun's Diameter, 864,938 Miles, is So Vast that 109 Earths Could Fit Across its Surface.

Betelgeuse, a Red Giant Star, Dwarfs The Sun at 700 Times its Size and 14,000 Times its Brightness.

Light Travels 1.3 Seconds to Reach the Moon, 8 Minutes to Earth, and 35 Minutes to Jupiter.

Pluto Isn't The Edge, the Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud Encircle, Spanning 4 Light-Years.

Planet Conjunctions and Alignments Provide Stunning Night Sky Displays.

Venus and Mercury's Transits Appear as Black Dots Crossing The Sun's Face.

Our Sun Dominates With 99.8% of Solar System Mass, 109 Times Wider Than Earth.

Sun's Core Heat Surpasses 27 Million Degrees Fahrenheit Due to Nuclear Reactions.

Our Sun is Young, Orbiting the Milky Way's Center Every 250 Million Years.

The term "Solar System" Originates From the Latin word "Solis," Referring to the Sun, in the Milky Way's Outer Curls.

Size of Solar System and Exciting Space Discoveries.

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