Exoplanets: Beyond Our Solar System

Exploring Earth-Like Exoplanets: 4,000+ Found Beyond Our Solar System Since '95. Kepler 452b Leads, Goldilocks Zones, Potential for Life.

Over 4,000 Earth-Like Exoplanets Found Since 1995, Outside Our Solar System, Kepler 452b Leading the Discovery.

The Hunt for "Alien Earth" Succeeded with Earth-Like Planets Scattered Across the Milky Way.

Essential Traits for Earth-Like Exoplanets: Rocky, Right Distance From Star, Goldilocks Zone, Potential for Liquid Water.

Advancements in Telescopes Reveal Planets Close to Resembling Earth in Size and Characteristics.

Gliese 667Cc, 22 Light-Years Away, Possible Habitable Zone, Red Dwarf Star, Liquid Water Speculation.

Kepler-22b, 600 Light-Years, in The Habitable Zone, Larger than Earth, Composition Uncertain.

Kepler-62f, 40% Bigger Than Earth, Cooler Star, Potential for Oceans, 1,200 Light-Years Away.

TRAPPIST-1e, Slightly Larger than Earth, Habitable Zone, Orbits Outer Edge, Potential for Life.

Proxima Centauri b, the Closest Exoplanet at 4 Light-Years, Super Earth, Potential for Oceans.

TOI 700 e, Earth-Like Similarities, Habitable Zone, the Potential for Liquid Water, Vital for Understanding Star Systems.

Earth-like Exoplanets and Exciting Space Discoveries.

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