Euclid Spacecraft 

and Roman Telescope to Explore Dark Universe

Embark on a Journey of Discovery as Euclid Spacecraft and Roman Telescope Unite to Unravel the Secrets of Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

Euclid Spacecraft: A Collaborative Effort Between ESA and NASA to Unravel the Mysteries of Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

Euclid and Roman: Teaming Up to Explore the Universe's Rapid Expansion and Shed Light on the Enigmas of Dark Energy.

Euclid Spacecraft will Survey a Vast Area of the Sky, While Roman will Provide Detailed Observations of Smaller Regions.

The Hunt for Dark Energy: Scientists Seek to Understand the Force Behind the Universe's Accelerating Expansion.

Roman and Euclid will Map Dark Matter's Distribution and Uncover Clues About the Universe's Expansion.

Galaxy Grouping Over Time: Observing the Changing Distances Between Galaxies will Reveal the History of the Universe's Expansion.

IA Supernova Survey: Roman will Identify and Study Distant Exploding Stars to Track the Universe's Expansion History.

Roman's Precise Observations will Enhance Euclid's Survey, Leading to a Comprehensive Understanding of the Universe.

Multiple NASA Contributions: JPL, Goddard Space Flight Center, and IPAC Support the Euclid Spacecraft Project.

Euclid and Roman Synergy: Together, these Missions will Provide a Deeper Understanding of the Universe and its Workings.

Exploration Dark Universe and Exciting Space Missions.

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