Hubble Unveiling 

The Mysteries of Jellyfish Galaxy

Witness the effects of gravity, plasma, and star formation in this stunning Hubble snapshot, revealing the secrets of their distinctive trailing tentacles.

Jellyfish Galaxies provide a window into the effects of Galaxy Clusters on shape and gas content.

Galaxy Clusters' gravitational Attraction Warps and Twists Galaxies into various Intriguing Designs.

The Intracluster Medium, a searingly Hot Plasma, dominates the space between Galaxies in Clusters.

Galaxies moving through the Intracluster Medium Experience a Current-Like Sensation.

Interaction with the Intracluster Medium can Deplete Galaxies of Star-Forming Gas.

Trailing Tentacles in jellyfish galaxies are a result of ram-pressure stripping.

Gas and dust loss due to the intracluster medium creates long ribbons of star formation.

Jellyfish Galaxies offer a Hostile Environment for Star Formation.

Hubble's Wide Field Camera 3 reveals surprising similarities in Star Production between the Galaxy Disk and Tentacles.

Studying Star Formation in Hostile Environments Contributes to our understanding of Galaxy Evolution.

World of Jellyfish Galaxies and Exciting Discoveries of Space.

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