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A Galactic Monster

NASA Captures Merging Galaxy Clusters Forming Gravitational Lens. Insights on Einstein's Theory, Future Studies with James Webb Telescope. Monster Galaxies Revealed.

NASA Captures a Merging Galaxy Cluster, Serving as a Gravitational Lens, Eight Billion Light-Years Away.

Einstein's General Theory of Relativity Comes to Life Through Gravitational Lensing in the Monster Galaxy.

Gravitational Lensing Allows Astronomers to Observe and Magnify Distant Objects Previously Undetectable.

The Image Shows Brilliant Arcs Caused by Gravitational Lensing, Blending with the Swarm of Galaxies.

The Data from this Observation Effort Could Pave the Way for Future Studies With the James Webb Space Telescope.

Monster Galaxies Differ from Galaxy Clusters, Forming Dense Congregations of Oval-Shaped Galaxies.

The Image Reveals Radiant Orange Halos Around the Core of Each Oval-Shaped Galaxy in the Cluster.

Other Galaxies and Brilliant Stars with Starburst Effects Can also Be Seen in the Image.

The Cosmic Cluster Serves as a Gravitational Lens, Allowing Scientists to Study Early Galaxies Beyond their Reach.

The Mass of the Galaxy Cluster Distorts Spacetime, Bending Light as if through a Vast Lens.

A Galactic Monster and Exciting Space Discoveries.

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