Juno Captured 

Lightning On Jupiter

Discover Stunning Visuals of Jupiter's Lightning as Juno Spacecraft Gets up Close and Personal with the Giant Planet's Electrifying Storms.

Jupiter's Lightning Originates from Ammonia and Water Clouds Near the Poles, Unlike Earth's Equatorial Water-Based Clouds.

Juno's Proximity to Jupiter's Orbital Pole Enables Capturing Lightning in Action.

Kevin M. Gill Converted Raw Data from JunoCam into a Visual Representation of Jupiter's Lightning.

Juno was About 19,900 Miles above Jupiter's Cloud Tops When the Snapshot was Taken.

Despite Being a Gas Giant, Jupiter's Lightning Resembles Earth's, Despite Earth's Smaller Size.

Jupiter's Lightning May Rival the Intensity of the Most Powerful Lightning on Earth.

Jupiter's Hydrogen-Dominated Atmosphere Gives its Sprites a Blue hue, unlike Earth's Nitrogen-Induced Reddish Sprites.

Lightning on Jupiter is Visually Captured by JunoCam's Scientific Apparatus.

Juno's Close Approach to Jupiter Allows for Detailed Observation of the Planet's Lightning Activity.

Citizen Scientists Play a Vital Role in Analyzing and Converting Raw Data into Meaningful Visuals.

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