Juno is Getting

Closer to Moon Io of Jupiter

NASA's Juno to Make Historic Flyby of Jupiter's Fiery Moon Io. Exploring Erupting Volcanoes and Unraveling Secrets of this Cosmic Wonder.

NASA's Juno Mission will Fly By Jupiter's Moon Io on July 30, 2023, its Closest Approach Yet.

Juno's Instruments Will Study Io's Erupting Volcanoes and Collect Valuable Data During the Flyby.

Io is the Most Volcanically Active World in Our Solar System, Boasting Hundreds of Erupting Volcanoes.

Io's proximity to Jupiter Turns it Into an Electric Generator, Sparking Lightning and Transforming its Surface.

The Moon's Interaction with Jupiter Shapes Auroras, Plasma Torus, and Reveals Planetary Orbits.

Galileo Galilei Discovered Io in 1610, Along with Three other Jovian Moons, Revolutionizing our Understanding of the Solar System.

Juno's Name Honors Juno, the Mythological Figure who Could see Through Clouds and Reveal Secrets, just like the Spacecraft.

The Galilean Moons Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto were Named in the mid-1800s, Replacing the Numerical System.

Io's Name Comes from Mythology, Where she Transforms Into a Cow Due to a Dispute Between Zeus and his wife, Juno.

Io's Inhospitable Environment, with Constant Volcanism and Intense Radiation, Makes it Unsuitable for Life as we Know it.

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