JWST Revealing 

Early Galaxies and Star Formation

Embark on a Cosmic Journey with JWST, as it Uncovers the Enigmatic Birth of Galaxies and the Mesmerizing Dance of Star Formation in the Early Universe

JWST Uncovers Hundreds of Galaxies from the Universe's infancy, Providing insights into Early Star Formation.

Reionization Cleared a Dense Fog, making the Cosmos Transparent after a Billion Years.

Galaxies Played a Debated role in Reionization and the Mechanisms Behind Star Formation.

Early Galaxies show Strong Signs of recent and Vigorous Star Formation, Contributing to Reionization.

Cyclic Patterns of Star Formation Observed, Influenced by Raw Material Availability and Stellar Deaths.

JADES identifies Galaxies from 400 Million Years after the Big Bang, Revealing Early Star Formation Processes.

Redshift Measurements help Estimate the Distance and Age of Ancient Galaxies.

JADES Surpasses Expectations, Detecting over 700 Candidate Galaxies at Redshifts above 8.

JWST's Exceptional Resolution Reveals Ancient Galaxy Structures and Captures Star Cluster Formation.

JWST's JADES Program Revolutionizes our Understanding of Early Galaxies and the Captivating Process of Star Formation.

Birth of Stars and Galaxies and Exciting Space Discoveries.

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