Webb Traces 

Water on WASP-18 b

Embark on a Remarkable Journey as Webb Traces Water on WASP-18 b, Unraveling the Intriguing Secrets of this Exoplanet's Watery Presence.

WASP-18 b: A Captivating Exoplanet, 400 Light-Years away, intrigues Astronomers since 2009.

Ultra-fast orbit: WASP-18 b Completes One Orbit in just 23 Hours, Unlike anything in our Solar System.

Unveiling the Atmosphere: Scientists Detect Water Vapor in WASP-18 b's Atmosphere and Create Temperature Maps.

Tidally-Locked Planet: The Dayside always Faces the Star, Leading to a Significant Temperature Shift Across the Planet.

Groundbreaking Mapping: James Webb Space Telescope provides Detailed Maps of Hot Giant Planets like WASP-18 b.

Mystery winds: East-West Winds are Absent, Suggesting Atmospheric Drag or a Strong Magnetic Field.

Magnetic Influence: Winds Blow from the Equator Over the Poles, Contrary to Expectations.

Temperature Variations: Measurements Reveal Temperature Fluctuations at Different Atmospheric Levels.

Detecting Water Structures: Despite Extreme Heat, Webb's Sensitivity Detects Accurately Measured Water in WASP-18 b's Atmosphere.

Formation insights: WASP-18 b's Composition is Similar to its Star, Suggesting it Formed from Leftover Gas after the Star's Birth.

World of WASP-18 b and Exciting Space Discoveries.

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