JWST Reveals

El Gordo Galaxy Cluster

Discover the Mesmerizing Beauty of Galaxy Cluster El Gordo, 7 Billion Light-Years Away, Seen Through NASA's James Webb Telescope!

NASA's James Webb Telescope Captured the Stunning View of El Gordo, A Galaxy Cluster 7 Billion Light-Years Away!

El Anzuelo, the Vibrant Red Arc in the Image, Emitted it's Light 10.6 Billion Years Ago!

El Gordo Means "The Fat One" in Spanish, a Massive Cluster of Galaxies Formed 6.2 Billion Years Ago.

El Gordo's Role as a Cosmic Magnifying Glass Allows Astronomers to Study Distant Galaxies in Detail.

Brenda Frye and the PEARLS Team Observed El Gordo Through Gravitational Lensing, Uncovering Hidden Insights.

El Anzuelo's Striking Red Color Results From Fust Within the Galaxy and its Immense Distance.

El Gordo's Gravitational Lensing Effect Reveals a Galaxy's Disk-Like Shape and the Process of Quenching.

The James Webb Telescope's Capabilities Allow a Clear View of El Anzuelo and Its Inner Workings.

Einstein's Theory of General Relativity Predicted Gravitational Lensing, Demonstrated by El Gordo.

Distant Galaxies like El Gordo Appear Younger and Show Unique Characteristics Due to Their Cluster Environment.

El Gordo Galaxy Cluster and Exciting Space Discoveries.

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