Laser Communications 

Terminal Delivered for Artemis II

Artemis II mission Testing Advanced Technologies like Laser Communications to Transmit Data and Dave the way for Future Lunar Missions.

Artemis II Mission Brings Humans Back to the Moon, Marking a Significant Milestone Since the Apollo Missions.

Orion Spacecraft's Crewed Systems will be Tested During Artemis II, Setting the Stage for Future Lunar Missions.

Laser Communications System, O2O, Enables Faster Data Transmission, Allowing 4K HD Video To Be Sent from the Moon.

O2O Serves as a Vital Link Between Orion and Mission Control on Earth, Facilitating Communication and Data Exchange.

Ground Stations in New Mexico and California were Chosen for Low Cloud Coverage, Ensuring Optimal Data Transmission.

O2O is Part of the Space Communications and Navigation Program's Efforts to Test Laser Communications in Various Missions.

The Successful Integration of O2O with Orion Opens Doors for More Advanced Investigations and Scientific Discoveries.

Artemis II's Data will Aid NASA in Planning Future Lunar Missions and Establishing a Long-Term Presence on the Moon and Mars.

Artemis II Mission Aims to Test NASA's Deep Space Exploration Capabilities, Paving the way for Lunar Surface Missions.

Scheduled for November 2024, Artemis II will be the First Crewed Mission Utilizing NASA's Orion Spacecraft and the Powerful Space Launch System.

Laser Communication and Exciting Space Missions.

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