Lunar Terrain Vehicle Services 

For Artemis Missions

Lunar Terrain Vehicle services sought by NASA for Artemis missions, enabling extensive exploration and scientific breakthroughs on the Moon.

NASA seeks industry proposals for a Next-Gen Lunar Terrain Vehicle, expanding human exploration and Scientific Research on the Moon's South Pole.

The LTV will enable Artemis Crew to explore and sample more Lunar Surface, surpassing foot travel limitations for Enhanced Science.

NASA plans to Hire the LTV as a Service, Leveraging Private Sector Innovation to create an Optimal rover for Astronauts and Researchers.

The LTV combines Mars Rover and Apollo-style capabilities, supporting both crewed and Uncrewed Operations for Continuous Scientific Exploration.

LTV Facilitates Supply and Payload Movement between Landing Sites, Boosting Resource Exploration and scientific study during Uncrewed Operations.

Advanced systems are required for LTV's Navigation in the Unique Lunar South Pole environment, including Communication, Navigation, and Power Management.

End-to-End Services, including Development and Operations, are expected from companies Bidding for the LTV Contract.

Successful Lunar Environment Testing is Crucial before using the LTV with Astronauts, Ensuring its Reliability and Suitability.

LTV will be Utilized for Uncrewed and Commercial Tasks before crewed Activities begin with Artemis V in 2029.

Through Artemis, NASA Conducts Lunar Research, Commercial Ventures, and Prepares for Crewed Mars Missions with Diverse Representation.

Lunar Terrain Vehicle Services and Exciting Space Technologies.

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