UV Photos of Mars Revealed!

Breathtaking UV Images of Mars Captured by NASA's MAVEN Spacecraft, Unraveling Secrets of its Atmosphere and Surface.

MAVEN Spacecraft Captured Stunning UV Images of Mars, Revealing Insights about its Atmosphere and Surface.

NASA's MAVEN Project Explores Mars' Environment and Auroras, Studying their Relationship with the Sun.

The Sun is Found to be the Primary Cause of Mars' Atmospheric Depletion, as MAVEN Spacecraft Discovered.

Using the Imaging Ultraviolet Spectrograph, MAVEN took Pictures at Different Points in Mars' Orbit Around the Sun.

The UV Images Show the Purple Hue of Ozone in the Martian Air and the Varying Colors of Clouds and Surface.

In Summer, Mars Experiences More Hydrogen Loss Due to Increased Water Vapor and Dust Storms.

Winter Nights on Mars Lead to the Formation of Ozone, which Dissipates in Spring Due to Reactions with Water Vapor.

MAVEN Spacecraft's Mission Started in 2014 to Study Mars' Upper Atmosphere and its Interaction with the Sun.

The University of California, Berkeley, and NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center are Involved in MAVEN's Operations.

MAVEN's Findings Contribute to our Understanding of Mars' Past Air, Climate, Water, and Potential for Supporting Life.

UV Photos of Mars and Exciting Space Missions.

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