NASA 5 Experiments 

for 2024 Solar Eclipse

Delving into the Sun's Mysteries: NASA's Groundbreaking Experiments During the 2024 Solar Eclipse Promise Awe-Inspiring Insights for Science.

The Total Solar Eclipse of 2024 Offers an Exceptional Chance for Scientists to Study the Sun, Earth, and Their Interactions.

NASA Funds Five Diverse Projects Utilizing High-Altitude Research Planes, Cameras, Ham Radios, and More.

The Corona, the Sun's Outer Atmosphere, will be Keenly Observed During the 2024 Solar Eclipse.

Solar Eclipses have Historically Contributed to Scientific Discoveries, from Helium to the Theory of General Relativity.

Advanced High-Resolution Cameras Positioned at 50,000 Feet will Capture Stunning Imagery and Reveal New Features in the Corona.

WB-57 Research Planes will Study Temperature, Composition, and Coronal Mass Ejections in the Corona.

Amateur Radio Operators will Participate in Solar Eclipse QSO Parties to Study the Ionosphere's Changes During Eclipses.

SuperDARN Radars will Monitor the Ionosphere's Response to the Eclipse and Compare Readings with Computer Models.

Observing Active Regions of the Sun During Eclipses will Help Detect Subtle Changes in Radio Waves.

The Selected Experiments for the 2024 Solar Eclipse Promise Valuable Insights about the Sun, Earth, and Associated Phenomena.

Experiments for 2024 Solar Eclipse Exciting Space Discoveries.

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