NASA Discovers 

Polar Cyclone on Uranus 

NASA's groundbreaking discovery reveals a mesmerizing polar Cyclone on Uranus! 🪐✨

NASA Confirms Polar Cyclone on Uranus, revealing swirling vortex phenomena at the poles.

Voyager 2 Imaging shows faster winds at Uranus' South Pole, but no temperature changes.

Radio wave analysis detects Polar Cyclone at Uranus' north pole, supporting swirling vortex presence.

Uranus' South Pole exhibits a Swirling feature in Methane cloud tops, observed by Voyager 2.

Infrared measurements from Voyager 2 reveal no temperature changes in Uranus' methane cloud tops.

New observations using the Very Large Array uncover warmer and drier air, indicating a Strong Cyclone at Uranus' North Pole.

The lead author highlights Uranus' Dynamic Nature and emphasizes its complex atmospheric processes.

Uranus completes a lap around the solar system in 84 years, allowing for improved study of its polar atmosphere since 2015.

Cyclones on Uranus and Saturn differ from Earth's hurricanes, forming without water and remaining locked at the poles.

National Academies' Decadal Survey prioritizes Uranus exploration, prompting an enhanced understanding of the enigmatic ice giant's system.

Polar Cyclone on Uranus and Exciting Discoveries of Space.

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