Space Agriculture 

Farming Projects by NASA & ESA

Exploring Space Agriculture: NASA & ESA Drive Research For Fresh, Healthy Food on Long Missions. Microbes, LEDs, & Plant Habitats Pave the Way.

Space Agriculture Necessity: Astronauts Need Fresh Food on Long Missions; Space Farming is Essential.

Nutrient-Packed Diets: Space Farming Provides Healthy Meals for Astronauts During Missions.

Long-Term Space Missions: Prolonged Space Missions Require Self-Sustaining Food Sources.

NASA's Agri Research: NASA & ESA Advance Space Agriculture For Better Space Exploration.

Microbiomes in Space: SpaceX's DynaMoS studies microorganisms' role in space agriculture.

Microgravity Impact: DynaMoS Explores Microorganism Behavior in Space's Unique Conditions.

Dr. Mamta Patel Nagaraja: Understanding soil microbes in space enhances agricultural production.

Advanced Plant Habitat (APH): APH's automated system provides ideal conditions for plant growth.

BRIC LED Lights: BRIC-LED Facility Investigates Organisms' Responses to Space Conditions.

ESA's Collaborative Efforts: ESA, DLR, and BLE Unite for Progress in Space Agriculture.

Space Agriculture and Exciting Space Discoveries.

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