Moon's Iron-Core Mystery Solved

Discovering Lunar Magnetism Secrets

Moon's Solid Iron-density Core Unveiled by Researchers, Resolving Debates and unlocking Secrets of Vanished Lunar Magnetism.

The Moon's Inner Core is a Solid Ball with the same density as iron, settling the controversy over its state.

Astronomer Arthur Briaud's team from the French National Centre for Scientific Research made the Discovery.

Researchers used data from Space Missions and Lunar Laser Ranging tests to determine the Moon's Inner Structure.

The Moon's core Resembles Earth's with a Fluid Outer Layer and a Solid Inner Core, showing similarities.

Moon's Outer Core Measures 362 km in Diameter, while the Inner core measures 258 km, about 15% of its diameter.

The Inner Core's Density is 7,822 kg/m³, similar to iron, providing insights into its composition and structure.

The Discovery Resolves the long-standing debate on whether the Moon's Inner Core is solid or Liquid?

Understanding the Moon's core is crucial for studying the reasons behind its vanished magnetic field.

Movement and Convection within the Core cause magnetic fields, providing insights into Lunar Magnetism.

This Discovery is Significant for Future Moon Missions and could influence the direction of Lunar Research.

Lunar Magnetism Secrets and Exciting Discoveries of Space.

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