Supernova Unveils 

'Einstein Cross' in Space

Einstein Ring: Unlocking Cosmic Mysteries. Dark Energy, Dark Matter, and Universe's fate Explored. Remarkable Achievement in Distance Measurement.

Cosmic Distance Ladder: Astronomers Face Challenges Measuring Vast Distances in the Cosmos.

Type IA Supernovae: Crucial Tools in the Cosmic Distance Ladder, they Outshine Everything Around Them.

Extraordinary discovery: SN Zwicky, a Rare Type IA Supernova, Reveals an Einstein Ring.

Einstein Ring Phenomenon: Gravitational Lensing Enhances Light from Distant Objects.

Coinciding Events: Observing Two rare Astronomical Phenomena in One Study is Significant.

International Collaboration: Researchers From Various Institutions Contributed to this Discovery.

Zwicky Transient Facility: Detected the Supernova, Named after Astronomer Fritz Zwicky.

Solid Lensing Effect: Hypothesized and Confirmed Through Observations and the Hubble Space Telescope.

Studying Gravitational Lenses: SN Zwicky Provides Opportunities to Explore their Mysteries.

Exploring the Cosmos: SN Zwicky's Extreme Magnification Sheds Light on Dark Energy and Dark Matter, Impacting our Understanding of the Universe's fate.

Einstein Cross and Exciting Space Discoveries.

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