The Threats of

Space Debris

Space debris poses a multitude of threats, from damaging satellites to risking human life. Let's work together to mitigate this growing problem.

Space debris can collide with functioning spacecraft, potentially leading to catastrophic consequences for space infrastructure and human life

Damage to communication and navigation satellites could impact global connectivity and essential services.

The risk of collisions with manned spacecraft, like the International Space Station, increases with the accumulation of debris.

 The creation of more debris through collisions could cause a cascade of collisions and long-term damage.

Debris can interfere with scientific research, impacting the accuracy of data collected by telescopes and other instruments.

Space-based solar power stations could face damage from debris, leading to energy disruptions. Mitigating space debris risks is critical for global sustainability.

Space debris falling to Earth can cause significant damage to life and property. Mitigating debris risks is crucial to ensure the safety of our planet and its inhabitants.

Space tourism industry could be threatened by debris, as it can damage spacecraft and threaten passenger safety.

Costly repairs and replacements of damaged space infrastructure, such as satellites and space probes, are required.

Geopolitical tensions may arise as countries compete for limited orbital space and resources. Let's take action to ensure space sustainability.

Space Debris: A Growing Threat To Our Planet And Space Infrastructure and exciting Technology of Space.

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