ULA Conducts Successful 

Engine Test of Vulcan Centaur

ULA achieves a Significant Milestone with a Successful Engine Test of the Vulcan Centaur Rocket, Signaling Progress Toward its Upcoming Launch. 

Vulcan Centaur achieves a major milestone with a Successful Engine Test, Advancing Towards Debut Launch.

Simultaneous Ignition of First-Stage Engines on the Launch Pad Marks a Significant Moment for Vulcan Centaur.

Flight Readiness Firing (FRF) was Completed in just Six Seconds, Showcasing Efficiency and Readiness.

Futuristic Vulcan Centaur Replaces Atlas V and Delta IV, Signaling a new era in Launch Vehicles.

BE-4 Engines Power the First Stage, and RL-10 Engines Drive Centaur V's Upper Stage for Enhanced Performance.

Additional Solid Rocket Boosters can be Attached, Increasing Vulcan Centaur's Payload Capacity.

Geostationary Orbit Capability Enables the Launch of up to 7.7 Tons of Payloads Around Earth.

ULA Nears Completion of Vulcan Qualification Program, Finalizing Centaur V Testing.

Investigation is Ongoing for the Centaur V Test Stand Anomaly, a Launch Plan is to be Developed Based on Data Review.

Peregrine Lunar Lander's Mission to the Moon Anticipated this Summer, Demonstrating ULA's Dedication to Safe and Successful Launches.

Upcoming Launch of Vulcan Centaur and Exciting Space Missions.

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