Unveiling the Timeline of Big Bang

Timeline of Big Bang

Explore the Remarkable Journey of the Big Bang's Timeline, From its Fiery Birth to Cosmic Expansion, Dark Mysteries, and The Quest for Answers

Big Bang's Timeline Unveils Universe's History & Birth From a Hot, Dense Point 13.7 Billion Years Ago.

The Universe's Rapid Expansion During Inflation Made it Double In Size 90 Times Within a Tiny Fraction of Time.

Light Elements Formed Within Minutes of the Big Bang; Collisions Created Deuterium & Helium, Shaping Cosmic Chemistry.

Recombination" Phase: 380,000 yrs Post-Big Bang, Electrons Join Nuclei, Universe Becomes See-Through Via Cosmic Microwave Background.

Age of Re-Ionization Marked the Universe's Exit From the Dark Period, Shaping Star & Galaxy Formation.

Cosmic Microwave Background Holds Ancient Secrets; Past Missions Like WMAP & Hubble Uncover Universe's Early Events.

Our Solar System Formed 9 Billion Years Post-Big Bang, with Milky Way Hosting 100 Billion Stars, Sun 25,000 Light-Years From Core.

Vera Rubin's Work Revealed Hidden Mass; Stars' Speeds in Galaxies Defy Newton's Laws, Hinting at Dark Matter Existence.

Edwin Hubble's Discovery in the 1920s: Universe Expands, Not Static. Hubble Space Telescope Confirms Accelerated Expansion.

Dark Matter & Energy Mysteries Persist. James Webb Space Telescope Explores Dark Matter's Properties & Unfolds Universe's Evolution.

Timeline of Big Bang and Exciting Space Discoveries.

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