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Oldest Complex Organic Molecules

Cosmic Time Capsules: Oldest Organic Molecules found in Early Galaxies, Reshaping our knowledge of the Universe's Chemical Evolution.

Oldest complex Organic Molecules found in the Early Universe, offering Insights into the Universe's Chemistry.

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) detected in an Early Galaxy, challenging our understanding of Organic Molecules

These large, Floppy Molecules contain Dozens or Even Hundreds of Atoms, different from Simple Substances like Water or Carbon Dioxide.

Detection was made possible by NASA's James Webb Space Telescope, using Gravitational Lensing to observe a galaxy 12 Billion Light-Years Away.

Discovery Pushes Back the Record for Complex Organic Molecules by Approximately a Billion Years after the Big Bang.

JWST's Resolution Allows Detailed Analysis of Molecule Distribution within the Galaxy, Providing Insights beyond Presence or Absence.

Complex Organic Molecules are found in Regions without Star Formation, Challenging Previous Assumptions about their Association.

Galaxies can Rapidly Form and Produce Complex Molecules through Rich Chemistry in Space, Opening New Avenues for Exploration.

JWST's Mid-Infrared Instrument Enabled the Discovery, but its Declining Performance Raises Concerns for Future Research.

Exciting Achievement in Understanding Early Galaxy Chemistry, Prompting Anticipation for Future Discoveries and Mysteries yet to be Unraveled.

Ancient Organic Molecules and Exciting Space Discoveries.

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