XRISM Mission

To Study ‘Rainbow’ of X-rays

XRISM Mission Uses Resolve Instrument to Study Energetic Cosmic Objects with High-Resolution X-ray Spectroscopy. Collaboration Between JAXA, NASA, and ESA.

XRISM, Led by JAXA, Uses the Resolve Instrument to Separate High-Energy Light into an X-ray Rainbow.

Resolve's X-ray Microcalorimeter Spectrometer Detects Temperature Changes Caused by X-rays.

The Sensor of Resolve Must be Cooled to Nearly Absolute Zero for Accurate X-ray Energy Estimation.

XRISM Employs Cutting-Edge Spectroscopy to Measure High-Resolution X-Ray Spectra of Cosmic Sources.

Spectra Provides Insights into the Intensity of Light and Help Study the Physical Properties of Cosmic Objects.

Resolve Performs Spectroscopy on X-rays With Energies Ranging from 400 to 12,000 Electron Volts.

XRISM Mission Enables Detailed Study of Neutron Stars, Black Holes, and Particle Jets in Active Galaxies.

Xtend, Developed by JAXA, Provides XRISM with an Expansive Field of View for X-ray Imaging.

Europe Contributes Crucial Components to XRISM, Including Heat Pipes, Star Trackers, and Power Sources.

XRISM's Mission Objectives Include Studying Galaxy Clusters, the Chemical Composition of the Universe, and Supermassive Black Holes.

XRISM Mission and Exciting Space Discoveries.

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