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    PA-99-N2: First Extragalactic Planet Beyond Milky Way

    Scientists have a firm belief that there are millions of planets in our neighboring, Andromeda Galaxy. However, they have only identified one so far, named PA-99-N2, due to a microlensing event in 1999. Therefore, this confirmation makes it the very first extragalactic planet. Finding planets in space is challenging because they don’t emit their own […]

    Andromeda Galaxy Planets – Facts That You Didn’t Know

    Does Andromeda galaxy planets occur? If so, are they habitate too? Let’s answer your queries in this blog post! As galaxies fill the universe, there is a belief system that the observable universe holds around two trillion of them. Among these galaxies, the closest one to us is the Andromeda galaxy, located approximately 2.5 million […]

    6 Upcoming Astronomical Events in February 2024 Revealed!

    Unveiling February 2024’s Astronomical Events: A Skywatcher’s Guide As we welcome February 2024, the skies above us are set to display a mesmerizing array of astronomical events. This month is particularly special for those interested in the wonders of astronomy, as we witness everything from the intricate orbits of planets to the Moon’s captivating phases. […]

    Webb Reveals Early Universe Galaxies Resembling Pool Noodles and Surfboards

    Discoveries in the Early Universe: Insights from the James Webb Space Telescope The James Webb Space Telescope, a marvel of modern astronomy, has been instrumental in unveiling the mysteries of the early universe. Researchers analyzing its images have uncovered fascinating characteristics of galaxies that existed in the early universe. These findings provide a new understanding […]

    Carbon-Rich Dust Grains Have Been Seen By Webb

    Webb has recently discovered carbon-rich dust grains, and it is one of the billion cosmic years happening! Yes, it is true. Let’s uncover some of the crisp, and valuable knowledge about this discovery in the following paragraphs. What groundbreaking discovery did Webb make regarding carbon-rich dust particles in the early universe? The NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb […]

    “Dark Stars” – Captured by Webb Telescope

    James Webb Telescope identified three objects and named as “dark stars”. What are they? And how are they different from ordinary stars? Let’s dig into the deep details and uncover valuable information. Enigmatic Dark Stars- Exploring Celestial Bodies Over the last 15 years, researchers have dedicated their efforts to uncovering proof of a unique type […]