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Mars and Venus Align with Beehive Cluster

Beehive Cluster Brilliance: A Celestial Encounter with Mars and Venus in June 2023


The Beehive open cluster, also known as M44, astounds with its spectacular presence in the winter and spring skies. In 2023, it presents an exciting challenge for observers as it becomes the focal point for the two major planets, Mars and Venus. Prepare for a rendezvous with Mars, coinciding with the optimal visibility of the Beehive Cluster in early June. Additionally, from June 12 to 14, witness the celestial marvel as Venus gracefully passes just north of the iconic cluster.

Observing Mars

On the evening of June 1st, equip yourself with binoculars to spot Mars. As Venus descends and twilight darkens, Mars will be positioned approximately 10 degrees to the left and slightly higher. Its distinctive pink-orange color and a magnification of +1.6 make it an enchanting spectacle. Notably, Mars resides on the western side of the captivating Beehive Cluster, allowing binoculars to reveal the brilliance of its brighter stars.

Observing Mars and the Beehive Cluster

For a more comprehensive observation, direct your telescope towards Mars while attaching a camera. This setup enables you to capture the mesmerizing combination of Mars and the Beehive Cluster in a single frame. On the evening of June 2nd, immerse yourself in the extraordinary line-of-sight alignment as Mars emerges within the cluster’s boundaries. On June 3rd evening, Mars will be situated slightly to the east of the cluster, providing a captivating perspective. Although challenging, the gratification derived from witnessing this cosmic convergence is immeasurable.

Observing Venus and the Beehive Cluster

Precise timing is essential when observing Venus alongside the Beehive Cluster. Depending on your location in the UK, patiently wait until Venus reaches an altitude slightly above 2 degrees. With binoculars, ensure Venus is centered within a 5-degree field of view, with the horizon visible at the lower edge. Experience the remarkable encounter from June 12 to 14, as Venus gracefully passes just north of this awe-inspiring celestial marvel. Be prepared for the inherent difficulties arising from the bright twilight and the cluster’s low altitude, adding to the challenge of this observation.


Embark on a celestial adventure as Mars and Venus gracefully encounter the resplendent Beehive Cluster. Embrace the challenge and immerse yourself in the allure of observing these celestial wonders, allowing the cosmic dance to capture your imagination. Remember, clear skies play a pivotal role in optimizing your viewing experience. Engage in the gratifying struggle of witnessing this extraordinary alignment, and marvel at the captivating display that unfolds before your eyes, showcasing the breathtaking beauty of the Beehive Cluster.

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