How fast can we travel in space with current technology?

How fast can we travel in space with modern technology?

We all know that nothing is faster than the speed of light. This is one of the major fundamental laws of science. However, as we... Details
Russian satellite breaks up, creates debris cloud

The Russian satellite “Kosmos 2499” dies in the orbit!

According to the U.S. Space Force, the Russian satellite got broke during the first week of January. The secretive satellite was orbiting the Earth to... Details
Rolls-Royce unveils design for space nuclear reactor

Rolls-Royce reveals early-stage design for space nuclear reactor!

Rolls-Royce (A British motor car company) is collaborating with the UK space agency for nuclear power and propulsion options in spaceflight. Rolls-Royce has also announced... Details

A New Large Space Telescope is to be launched by NASA for a Space Survey

After the successful launch of the James Webb Space Telescope (JSWT), NASA is not taking any breaks. NASA is nowhere near stopping, instead of that... Details