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European Service Module

Handing over European Service Module for Artemis II

Anthony Thirkettle, who serves as the European Service Module production manager for ESA, and Howard Hu at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA, executed the handover of the necessary hardware.


Dependence of Artemis on European Service Module for Two Week JourneyEuropean Service Module 2

This momentous event took place in the presence of one of the four Artemis astronauts. They will rely on the second module for essentials like water, air, power, propulsion. Also, second module will be responsible for maintaining a stable temperature throughout their two-week journey around the Moon.

What is the Main Role of the this Module?

The key function of this module is to power the Orion spacecraft during the Artemis II mission.

The crew for this mission comprises Reid Wiseman, Victor Glover, Christina Koch, and Jeremy Hansen. All of them represent NASA and the Canadian Space Agency.

Their bold endeavor involves soaring past the Moon and subsequently making their way back to Earth.

European Service Module Gliding by the Moon

Their journey will take the Orion spacecraft 8889 km beyond the Moon. Following that, they’ll glide by the Moon, after which they’ll set their course back home to Earth.

The mission will span at least eight days, representing the first instance in more than fifty years. We’ll reach out to our lunar companion in the sky for such exploratory flights.

What will this Second Module be Capable of?

Precision is imperative in this model which boasts 33 thrusters, 11 km of electrical wiring, four fuel tanks, and two pressure tanks.

Orion dimensions

These components harmoniously work together to maintain a livable environment for the astronauts on this deep space mission.

Anthony, acknowledging the tireless work of all teams involved, has said:

“The handover might seem merely ceremonial, but it represents a substantial advancement in the program,”

He also commented,

“ESA is committed to maintaining close cooperation with NASA and our industry peers to ensure the Orion spacecraft is fully prepared for launch and the remaining parts of the Artemis II mission,”

Additional Testing of the European Service Module

The second module will undergo additional testing before it is integrated with the Orion crew vessel later this year.

Afterward, the entire spacecraft will get moved to the launchpad.

Under European Service Module-2

Once there, fuel will be added to it and linked with NASA’s formidable Moon-bound rocket, the Space Launch System (SLS), as they gear up for a launch slated for the following year.

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