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Space Facts

Mind-Blowing Space Facts That Will Amaze You!

Discover the most fascinating information about space facts and cosmic space. We’re sure that most of the information listed here will make you jaw-dropping!

Take a look at the information and broaden your knowledge. The realm of space remains one of the most interesting topics to study.

Carl Sagan, an American astronomer, and planetary scientist, says:

“The universe is infinite that we humans seem so small and fleeting.”

In a world as vast and as largely unexplored as space, be aware that these are facts to the extent that our current understanding and knowledge about the universe as well as physics. With more research and improved technology, we can come up with discoveries, and facts about space that could change everything.

Mind Blowing Space Facts!

We will cover some of the best space facts for kids, as well as for adults in this section.

1- The space between different planets of our solar system

This list of space facts with a well-known one. Many people believe that it’s possible to fit every planet between Moon as well as the Earth However, this isn’t always the case.

It can be hard to comprehend just how vast the distances between us are. If you were to take all of the planets that are part of the Solar System, Earth excluded they could be positioned in between Moon as well as the Earth at the point that they are the furthest from each other (known as the apogee).

It is difficult to get around when the Moon as well as Earth are closer, and you would require rotating the planets in order to get them in. If you consider that the Moon as well as Earth are close together (perigee) you don’t be able to squeeze them all together.

2- The Sun isn’t the center of Jupiter’s orbit- One of the Amazing Space Facts

It’s not as insane as it sounds. The planets all revolve around the Sun Most have their center of orbit (barycenter) within the Sun.

However, when it is about Jupiter and the Sun the barycenter is just a little bit outside of the Sun. Although every thing in the Solar System indeed orbits the Sun, however, the situation is slightly more complicated. Planets as well as those of the Sun (and the other stars) are orbiting around their common centers of mass. Since Jupiter is huge, the barycenter of Jupiter and the Sun isn’t inside it. The sun is also huge. Jupiter isn’t in the Sun but is outside. The barycenter’s position is slightly different based on the position of the other planets. 

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3- The Sun holds about 99.86% of all mass of our Solar System

Talk about the massive. Solar System includes everything, the moons, the planets asteroids, dwarf planets, and comets. Moreover, if we talk about the sun of our solar system, then it holds 99.8% of all the solar system, Which means the mass of our sun is no much big than our Earth, and other planets. Jupiter is the largest of planets in the Solar System, and is 2.5 times bigger than all the other planets.

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4- If teleportation was possible and you could teleport anywhere in space, you could look at our past- One of the Scary Space Facts

In a fantasy world where instant teleportation can be achieved and astoundingly high-quality telescopes are commonplace, it would be possible to see back into time.

Let’s imagine that you travel to a planet that is only a light-year away. If you aim your telescope towards Earth it will look at the past for a year. If you’re only at a distance of one light year away the light that leaves the Earth takes about a year to reach you.

The farther you move, the more into the past you’d be able to look (with your mega zoom telescope). If you travel far enough, you might even be able to see dinosaurs. This is one of the scary space facts because if we would be able to look into our past, and travel. It would surely be very disturbing and terrifying!

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5- Some of the stars you see in the sky might not exist anymore

The stars that are visible in the sky range between a few thousand light years from us (with an eye without) or millions of light years away (with the aid of a telescope). And it takes that much time for the light of those stars to be able to reach us. If the star 10,000 light years away from us exploded today, it would require 10.000 for the explosion to be visible from Earth. If you look up at the night sky’s stars, you are looking at their previous history.

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According to Christa McAuliffe, a US Teacher and astronaut:

Space is for everybody. It’s not just for a few people in science or math, or a select group of astronauts. That’s our new frontier out there, and it’s everybody’s business to know about space”. 

Why is space silent?

The space vacuum contains essentially no air. Since sound is simply vibrational air, it does not have air to move and, therefore, there is no sound. If you were on a spacecraft and another spaceship exploded, there would be absolutely nothing.

What is space made of?

The outer space isn’t empty. It is a nearly perfect vacuum, containing particles with a very low density that are mostly plasmas of helium and hydrogen and magnetic fields, electromagnetic radiation neutrinos, dust, as well as cosmic radiation.

Why is space dark?

Since space is a nearly perfect vacuum — which means it contains the tiniest amount of particles it’s nearly impossible for the space between the planets and stars to scatter light towards our eyes. With no light entering our eyes, we are nothing but black.

Is space infinite?

Cosmologists don’t know whether it is truly large or if it is simply extremely big. To determine the size of the universe Astronomers look at the curvature of the universe. They have also discovered some of the scary space facts, and they are still discovering. The geometric curve of large scales of the universe can tell us about the overall shape of the universe. If our universe can be geometrically flat, it could be infinite.

Who visited space first?

Yuri Gagarin from the Soviet Union was the first person to be in space. His spacecraft, Vostok 1 circled Earth at 27,400 kilometers per hour, with the flight lasting for 108 minutes.

The Great Attractor – One of the Scary Space Facts!

We’re wrapping up this list of space facts by introducing “The Great Attractor. There are a lot of mysteries in space however one of the most significant can be found in the Great Attractor. This Great Attractor is a central gravitational anomaly and is the gravitational center in the Laniakea Supercluster which comprises around 100,000 galaxies that including the Milky Way.

The existence of the Great Attractor is known to us, and we can detect its effects on galaxies. But it is not visible to us because the Great Attractor itself is obscured by our galaxy. Our galaxy blocks our view and we’d need to be at the opposite end of it to be able to see it.

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