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Sultan Al Neyadi UAE’s Astronaut embarks on historic Spacewalk

On Friday, April 28, Sultan Al Neyadi, the second astronaut from the United Arab Emirates and the longest-serving Arab in space, will begin his riskiest task, a spacewalk, becoming the first Arab to do so. Sultan Saif Hamad Al Neyadi, a 41-year-old former network engineer for the UAE Armed Forces, is slated to make his first spacewalk as an Emirati, marking a significant development in the nation’s space program. 

First, let’s find out,

What tasks Sultan Al Neyadi and other astronauts will perform in Spacewalk?

On Friday, UAE astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi will become the first Arab astronaut to perform a spacewalk outside the International Space Station (ISS), joining ten foreign astronauts. Al Neyadi posted a photo of himself in a spacesuit for his six-hour flight outside the ISS. Sultan Al Neyadi and NASA Flight Engineer Stephen Bowen will assemble, maintain, and improve the space station during the 261st spacewalk.  

Spacewalks replace the Radio Frequency Group unit and prepare for solar panel installation. After extensive training, the astronauts are ready for the 6.5-hour spacewalk. The spacewalk will focus on retrieving a crucial Radio Frequency Group unit from the ISS’s S-Band communications cable. Sultan Al Neyadi and his team will also prepare for the later solar array installation spacewalks, which power the ISS and its experiments, systems, and everyday operations.

He was assisted by American astronaut Stephen Bowen. Photo: @Astro_Alneyadi / Twitter

Now you probably be wondering,

Is there a way to stream Sultan Al Neyadi’s Spacewalk?

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) located in Dubai will be offering live coverage of the momentous space event on its website commencing at 4:30 pm. The agency responsible for the UAE Astronaut Programme issued an SMS notification to residents, inviting them to view the live coverage of the UAE’s “progress towards a new milestone in space exploration” on Thursday. The Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) has encouraged space enthusiasts to participate in this momentous achievement by utilizing the hashtag #UAEspacewalk on various social media platforms. 

What is the significance of the Pressure equalization room?

The pressure equalization chamber is where astronauts wear their spacesuits in order to get ready for spacewalks outside the station. The room is split into two halves: one is designated for getting ready, and the other is for donning protective gear. In order to keep the environment risk-free and secure, the gate is shut before the pressure is let out. During spacewalks, two astronauts normally carry out a variety of jobs for the International Space Station, including maintenance and the installation of new components. 

Sultan Al Neyadi says in a video posted on social media: “This is where we prepare spacesuits for spacewalks. The room is divided into two sections: One to prepare and the other for astronauts to don their suits. The gate is closed before the pressure is released.”

Moreover, Neyadi also mentioned,

What are the features of SpaceSuit that Sultan Al Neyadi wears during the spacewalk?

Spacesuits are worn by astronauts during spacewalks to provide protection and enable work for up to seven hours in outer space. These suits are like small spacecraft and contain devices for air purification and communication, as well as oxygen and cooling equipment. 

  • The life support system, located at the back of the suit, contains all these elements.
  • The sizes of spacesuits are medium, large, and extra-large.
  • The upper portion of the suit that astronauts wear is sized specifically, and the straps are changed to accommodate the size of the astronaut’s arms and legs.
  • The helmet is protected by a hard layer on top and has a sun visor for work during sun exposure.
  • The helmet also has covers on both sides.

The spacesuit functions as a small spacecraft, providing astronauts with the necessary protection. With the help of this technology, people can work in space for up to seven hours straight while still having access to breathable air and protection from temperatures as low as -150°C.  The equipment also includes air purification devices for removing carbon dioxide and communication devices that are essential for extravehicular activities in space. Watch Live on NASA’s youtube Channel and For the latest information and updates, make sure to stay tuned to Sky headlines

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